Our focus in Lifetree is holistic. We help our clients to lead responsibly. To enhance communication effectiveness, build trust across their multidisciplinary teams and truly collaborate to achieve their goals. 
Our tag lines opposite encapsulate the essence of our work and the kind of outcomes you can expect if we work together.

Growing people and organisations

At the roots Lifetree is about sustainable growth and development. We combine pragmatic business sense with creative design processes and cutting edge leadership tools to help our clients move into the futures they want to co-create with partners, customers or clients and citizens.

Developing responsible leaders

The core framework Lifetree uses is our ‘Responsible Leadership Programme’
This is a modular approach based on a partnership with the client who is on a leadership journey. We use a small number of core tools we have found work and help clients make practical plans and take concrete action. The modules are shaped depending on the client context, so each engagement is bespoke and combines consulting, training, coaching and facilitating.