Joe Lafferty

Joe Lafferty, Lifetree Founder and Leadership consultant.

Joe Lafferty

Joe’s background is in Engineering, Operational Management and internal consultancy. He began work as an organisational consultant in 1999 after earning an MBA from Warwick University, working for a number of consultancy companies before founding his own practice, Lifetree, in 2002. He teaches strategy and leadership at Dundee University to Masters Students.

Over the past few years, Joe’s practice has focused on Leaders and Leadership development in a wide range of contexts using a number of different models and approaches. Joe’s experience in working with highly complex group dynamics enhances the power of this work. Joe is able to quickly sense the context he is working in, and he has a skill of being able to introduce an appropriate tool, theory or model which helps illuminate the issues or opportunities. Then working with the client to deliver practical strategies and actions–the shared learning experience building capacity in the client organisation. With approach is based on reflective practice, Joe seeks to translate learning into improved performance in action.

In partnership with Dr. Madelon Evers, Joe has developed and is delivering ‘Leading Change’ seminars for the Diploma in Sustainable Business at University St.Gallen/BSL since 2011. A mix of academic rigor and experiential learning enables the participants to leverage their own leadership in sustainable business. Joe is licensed as a professional practitioner in the following methodologies:

  • Leadership Diamond® by Peter Koestenbaum (USA)
  • Flawless Consulting™: Joe is an affiliate of Peter Block (Designed Learning) on ‘Flawless Consulting’ for Managers.
  • Polarity Management™: Joe is accredited to use Barry Johnson’s ‘Polarity Management’ approach and model.