Madelon Evers

Dr. Madelon Evers, Partner Lifetree, Leadership Consultant. Swiss office.

Madelon Evers

Madelon has 20 years of management experience in international business. She builds a bridge between innovation and responsible leadership.

As a Dutch-Canadian expat, Madelon grew up in the Middle East and Asia, studied in North America and Europe, and has worked in over 40 countries. Her background in strategic systems design and innovation management moved her from the creative industry (10 years: theatre, film, broadcasting, multimedia publishing); into intelligent systems for financial services (4 years); and into leading start-ups for educational technology (6 years). Noting the critical impact of leadership and team-based learning on innovation results, Madelon shifted from managing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of design, to becoming a thought leader on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of organisational learning. She brings a passion for advancing global sustainability agendas to her work, using methods to enhance the creative potential of groups and the power of responsible leadership to improve collaboration across systems.

Madelon earned an MA in Media Studies (1994) at University of Amsterdam, a PhD in innovation methods (2004) from Nyenrode Business University, and advanced executive coaching accreditation via International Coach Federation (2008). She trained extensively in Organizational Psychology at the Tavistock and Grubb Institutes in the UK and in Systemic Naturework in Switzerland. Madelon set up Trust Your Potential in Switzerland (2008), and as of 2014, she is a partner in Lifetree Ltd UK. She consults at select business schools (IMD Lausanne, St Gallen, BSL Switzerland) and co-founded the ‘gift economy’ initiative to support learning from Nature ( She speaks at international conferences on women’s leadership, strategic management, responsible leadership, innovation management and design thinking. Madelon is fluent in Dutch, English, French, and business level German, Italian, Spanish. As an enthusiast of the outdoors and all Aquatic and Alpine sports you can find her on an Alp, in the waves or sitting quietly in the middle of nowhere to learn from Nature whenever possible.