“If we want to see the world go in a better direction, we need to change the whole way we look at things, change the way corporations act in society. Our leaders must show us the right way to move forward.” — Edouard Duyck, Global Account Manager Federal Express International France

Lifetree supports whole systems change, from the roots to the highest branches of your organisation. Organisations grow most powerfully, like the great oak tree, of they can develop deep-rooted resilience, adapting the shape and size of their branches and the direction of growth along with complex cycles of storm, drought and seasonal change.

Resilience – this ability to thrive in a constantly changing environment – is naturally enhanced by a responsible leadership mindset and responsible business practices.

Through a mix of consulting, facilitation and coaching, Lifetree give you a structured path to learn, experience and anchor this natural growth and power. Innovative tools for daily practice, a smarter way of learning in groups, and faster ways to create collaborative solutions help resilience take root in the whole system.

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Lifetree’s 20+ years of facilitating innovation and leadership development is based on 5 core commitments to your success:











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