Lifetree provides a powerful learning platform for you to pioneer resilient responses to complex change.

In all our programs, you and your teams work in real time on real projects, facing the reality that is relevant and urgent for you. You decide what you wish to take responsibility for, and we help you take it up and carry it through.

You will use tried and tested methods for collective learning. To solve problems creatively and holistically, connecting dots to diverse solutions. To engage productively with multiple stakeholders. To transform passive, compliant mindsets into proactive, partner mindsets. To leverage responsible leadership impact on daily business practice. To gain immediate benefit for your business and the wider system.


Our programs

1. Mindset Foundation Training – Learn to lead change and transform mindsets using proven tools in real projects deepening your collective capacity to lead responsibly and build responsible business

2. Mastermind Meetings – Trusted peer group and experienced consultant help you tackle complex challenges and find smart solutions

3. Top Team Development — Coaching for management teams to walk your talk together and leverage your impact on business as responsible leaders

4. Executive Coaching – Tap into your responsible leadership potential

5. Co-Lab: your Collaboration Laboratory — Lifetree’s flagship innovation “Co-lab” catalyzes whole systems change; large groups and diverse disciplines generate rapid, resilient responses to complex challenges