Large, diverse groups co-create rapid, resilient responses to complex challenges.

Solutions we create should meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. — Thomas Sandell – designer and architect

What does the Co-Lab programme deliver?

Lifetree’s flagship responsible innovation program is run as a collaboration laboratory or “Co-Lab”. Our highly interactive and co-creative format is designed to catalyse and accelerate whole systems change.

Your organisation can count on expert facilitation from Lifetree to design a programme that will engage with large groups of stakeholders from different levels of leadership and from diverse disciplines, to work together with you in sharing information, brainstorming, prototyping new designs and carrying out actions that generate rapid, resilient responses to complex challenges.

Lifetree’s 2-day Co-Lab delivers responsible innovation solutions that:

  • Enable you to anticipate urgent change effectively
  • Ensure “whole systems” solutions, connecting dots between different worlds
  • Result in collective accountability and actions owned by many subgroups
  • Ground real and sustainable growth for all stakeholders and contributors.

Set up: Facilitated, large-scale interventions to deep dive into co-creative group work, using custom and pre-formatted tools with break-out sessions

Participants: 20-200+ designed for multiple stakeholder groups from diverse disciplines / perspectives

Timeframe: 1-2 days, multiples modules can be designed per phase of development

Location: on location, off-site

For more information: Book a free intake call for the Lifetree Co-Lab here