Executive Coaching

Tap into your responsible leadership potential.

Unless we go back to honouring our basic human values as a key responsibility before any other duty, we cannot face any future challenges. And we have a lot of challenges at hand now. — Sallim Al Awadi, Al Omaniya Financial Services SAOG, Sultanate of Oman

What does the Executive Coaching programme deliver?

Responsible business practice depends on a personal commitment to responsible leadership. It takes courage to look at ourselves, and realise that whatever we do is a direct reflection on our capacity to inspire change in others.

Lifetree’s individual executive coaching program is a dynamic, time-limited, action-based method of inquiry to stretch yourself, get inspired and build resilience as a leader.  We focus on senior roles (10+ years in management). You seek structured support, new inspiration, space to try out new behaviours, and a sparring partner who builds your capacity to apply new modes of leading at work after every session.

Set up: Individual executive coaching program established on the basis of an assessment, outlining clear goals; typically 8+ sessions over one year to start.

Participants: 1 senior manager or executive

Timeframe: 1-2 hour sessions, every 4-6 weeks

Location: On location, off-site, online or telephone

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