Mastermind Meetings

Find smart solutions to complex issues in a trusted peer group with expert consulting.

Great minds can never come together without creating a third, invisible, powerful force, a strategic and innovative mind, a mastermind. When mixed with purpose, trust, and deep motivation, it brings rich results. – Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”

What do Mastermind Meetings deliver?

Lifetree’s mastermind meetings are for managers at the same level of seniority and experience, who commit to one year of cooperation to tackle tough questions together, to help each other find effective ways forward. With Lifetree’s facilitation, the mastermind group can try out contrasting solutions and stretch their mental models, safely question assumptions, and help each other produce brilliant new approaches.

Mastermind meetings have been used successfully for centuries, by ancient emperors like Cleopatra and Marcus Aurelius, as well as modern industry leaders like Bill Gates, Henry Ford, George Rockerfeller.

Lifetree uses a highly structured mastermind process to:

  • Get complex questions clear and underlying issues on the table quickly
  • Stop ‘groupthink’
  • Producing authentic and meaningful feedback from peers
  • Stay on task and on time
  • Challenge you to ask questions no one seems to be asking
  • Create a neutral ‘mirror’ to learn from your blindspots
  • Help the group remain accountable to each other for the whole year and develop a deep bond of trust.

Facilitators: One Lifetree consultant per Mastermind group, dedicated for the year.

Participants: Closed group of 4-7 peers, either ‘in-company’ or selected across industries

Timeframe: Monthly sessions, 1 year minimum

Location: Off-site, online.

For more information: Contact Lifetree to set up your own Mastermind Meetings here.