Mindset Foundations

Learn to transform mindsets and lead change using proven tools in real projects.

The fact that we have to describe leadership as ‘responsible’ … reflects the fundamental nature of the challenge that we face. — Richard Golding, PricewaterhouseCoopers

What does the Mindset Foundations programme deliver?

In this programme managers learn to develop a ‘responsible leadership’ mindset, in themselves and in others, so they can:

  1. Drive courageous action to change
  2. Face reality about what is needed to create a better future
  3. Remain highly self-aware and responsive to complex nuances
  4. Partner effectively with others to make difficult decisions
  5. Build trust through transparency
  6. Inspire authentic commitment to responsible business practice.

How does Mindset Foundations work?

  • We work with you on your real projects; what you learn adds immediate value to your business.
  • You apply new ways of thinking and acting on the spot working in small groups
  • You get feedback in real time from peers and facilitators at each step
  • You leave with a clear plan for leading change in the next phases of your project

Facilitators: Sessions are facilitated by two experienced Lifetree consultants.

Participants: Minimum 10, maximum 24 people

Timeframe: 2 full days. Lifetree offers a total of 5 modules (2 days each) moving from beginner to advanced.

Location: On location, off-site.

For more information and pricing: Please contact Lifetree here