Top Team Development

Coaching for management teams to leverage your impact as responsible leaders.

In business, accountability is at the top of the agenda. People demand that leaders think about all the stakeholders, to be more strongly bonded, more engaged and not just look for narrow selfish interests. — George Kohlrieser

What does the Top Team Development programme deliver?

Whole systems change is never a solo act. In today’s global environment no one leader has all the knowledge needed to solve all problems in the whole system. Enabling powerful top level teamwork is mission-critical to stay competitive and sustainable.

Lifetree develops high performing teams through regular mentoring and team coaching days. Long-term partnership and executive level support are pre-conditions for success.

Facilitators: 1 experienced Lifetree consultant per 10 participants

Set up: Leadership meetings, team coaching and individual guidance. Annual contract tied to clear organisational outcomes

Participants: Minimum 5, maximum 20 senior leaders

Timeframe: typically 1-3 years, depending on requirements

Location: On location, off-site, online.

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